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Your free  membership  gives you a monthly newsletter, sent to your e-mail address. It will give proposed details of events mentioned in our free weekly blogs. For events with open dates (the Homer and Hašek events, for instance, but not the Whitman or Tolstoy), members may suggest dates convenient to them, and Odyssey will circulate the list of proposed dates among members declaring interest. Potential participants are invited to fit their schedules to the most popular dates, and when a critical mass of members agrees to a date, Odyssey will ask for payment, refundable until the full cohort is assembled, whereupon the event will be confirmed (after payers are given a final chance to reconfirm or withdraw). No refunds will be given after that confirmation. Members are also invited to suggest events, and those who propose successful ones will be rewarded with discounts.
Event participants may arrange their own travel, or they may consult our travel consultancy, “Gary’s Going My Way” (, for suggestions or full arrangements. For a very reasonable basic fee, Gary’s Going My Way will put together an individualized travel prospectus for the event, including the most affordable and convenient flights (or other transportation) from the member’s home base, information about lodging options conforming to the member’s stated preferences, and all other pertinent details, customized to the member’s specifications. If they wish, members may use the prospectus to make their own arrangements, or for an additional (variable) fee, they may have Gary’s Going My Way arrange all details. Admission to the event itself will be a variable, separate fee, paid directly to Odyssey, independent of travel arrangements.



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