Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

0410New_York_City_ManhattanWhitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” – on America’s Independence Day.

Missed the event? Get the CD!

One of Walt Whitman‘s masterpieces – in a recitation linked with an actual ferry ride across  the East River near Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on the 4th of July. The poem itself should be recited on the return to Brooklyn, as specified in the work; guests can take a morning ferry from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan, and spend the day exploring the city’s many attractions. There’s a hop-on-hop off ferry and that includes a hop-on-hop-off bus.  Just be sure to make it back to the Battery Park area for our reading at 4:30, probably at the historic Fraunces Tavern. Guests may order dinner or drinks to enjoy during the reading, and there will be time to make it to Pier 11 for one of the last ferries to Brooklyn for the day — A ferry schedule will be provided. Guests may purchase a CD with a reading of the poem and some period music. T-shirts may also be purchased, bearing the logo: “I crossed Brooklyn Ferry with Walt Whitman” or with a GLBTQ Walt Whitman/Oscar Wilde theme.

See updated details of this event here.

The Odyssey Club can provide a projected day-long itinerary that will make your day a special celebration of Whitman and his times, culminating with the public reading of one of his most beloved works. Or for just a little more, an itinerary for several days, a week, as long as you  like. Just ask us about the affordable travel plans (including getting there, if you wish) that can accompany our literary events for travelers.
Gay? Walt Whitman was, and the Odyssey Club can honor his early declaration of an “out” lifestyle by offering specials for GLBT participants.

It avails not, neither time or place—distance avails not;
I am with you, you men and women of a generation, or ever so many generations hence;
I project myself—also I return—I am with you, and know how it is.
Just as you feel when you look on the river and sky, so I felt;
Just as any of you is one of a living crowd, I was one of a crowd;
Just as you are refresh’d by the gladness of the river and the bright flow, I was refresh’d;
Just as you stand and lean on the rail, yet hurry with the swift current, I stood, yet was hurried;
Just as you look on the numberless masts of ships, and the thick-stem’d pipes of steamboats, I look’d.

Leaves of Grass 86, in the public domain.

This is a dated event.


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