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Travel consultant Gary Cox manages the Odyssey Club, and he works with club members to shape and implement events.

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Gary has led tours all over Russia, East Europe, the former Soviet Union, and also the river routes of central and western Europe. Working from a base in Bratislava, Slovakia, near Vienna, this American tour guru, a Russian professor by credentials, is developing a line of US tours in Russian, specializing in Chicago, New York, Washington, and Denver for the time being.

Odyssey Club members may make their own travel arrangements for participation in club events, or Dr. Gary can make them for you, through his travel service Gary’s Going My Way. A middle ground is a modestly-priced travel prospectus, sniffing out the best deals for your personal situation, but allowing you to do your own ticketing.

Check out Gary’s Amazon bookstore, Natasha’s Moustache, with books and recordings on Russia and East Europe.

Come dressed for the occasion, in a travel-themed T-shirt from Sailaway Shirts.

If you’ve been to Bratislava, you’ll want to hear Voices in Bratislava, music linked to locations in Old Town of the Slovak capital. Also available as a download at CD Baby, where you may also purchase it in Slovak, German, or Russian. On the ground in Bratislava, the CD may be purchased at Forum Music or the Johann Hummel Museum Shop.

In Vienna and Bratislava, Gary Cox’s enterprise Vox Nova Danubia can provide “radio-guides”, closed-circuit radio systems (not recorded tours), which amplify the guide’s voice for group members.


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