Weekly blog 6 April: Hemingway’s Africa

HemingwayAfricaTravelers who love Hemingway are welcome to go on safari in Africa, but you’ll have to take your own Hemingway — Odyssey can’t find any safari companies that highlight the writer’s travels there. Except in the name — There’s more than a handful of companies using his name, but their tours have more to do with the Leakeys and Olduvai Gorge than with Papa Hemingway himself and stories like “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”. (And beware of Hemingways Safaris Africa — without the needed apostrophe — which seems to be some kind of time-share organization.) There’s even a “Hemingway Safari” in Botswana, despite the fact that Hemingway never got anywhere near that far south.

Papa Hemingway traveled in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo on two occasions, in the 1930s and the 1950s, and his African opus includes the non-fictional The Green Hills of Africa, the stories “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” and “The Snows”, and the posthumously published True at First Light, a novel his son brought out in 1999, with an expanded version called Under Kilimanjaro in 2005.

It’s a BYOB (“bring your own book”) situation.
The Odyssey Club will be delighted to organize a tour expressly devoted to the writer’s African experiences, if members show interest. We would set things up through one of our favorite safari suppliers, companies like these:

Hemingway’s Expeditions (the author’s name comes up only in the title).
Wildcats Safaris (again “Hemingway” is only a title).
Big Cats Exploration Safaris.
Abercrombie & Kent has a “Hemingway” Safari, with a visit to Olduvai, but no further web-mention of the author.
African Getaway will rent you a 4×4 to do your own trip.
Taga Safaris Africa.
Tanzania Tours and Safaris.
East Africa Shuttles and Tours.
Kenya Real Safaris.


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